STEM Education Support and Science Communication

IEF has been promoting Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through different activities: developing knowledge and skills of Science teachers; organizing study tours; co-organizing Science Picnics and Science Fairs; supporting cooperation of scientists and high-schools; raising public awareness of modern science. IEF has promoted Georgian National Science Fair – Leonardo da Vinci to become an affiliated fair of the world’s largest pre-college science fair – ISEF, held annually in the US.

Youth school-based cooperation was achieved in the project Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle through an Innovative Approach via  experimentation and examination of the harmful effects of various unhealthy products – from junk food to cigarettes and alcohol, as well as the positive impact of active life style. The students played the role of scientists and conducted research of the advantages of healthy lifestyles. The methodology of the project involved student trainings, investigation, experimentation, deliberation (discussions), and blogging that was accomplished by the students with the friendly guidance of supervisors and experts.

Other projects dedicated to STEM promotion include teacher exchanges, advancing STEM education by teachers and scientists, publishing guidebooks and recommendations on best practices in STEM education.