Technology & Digital Competences Development


 Technology & Digital Competences Development

Innovative Education Foundation provides assistance to Georgian K12 teachers in acquiring skills needed for 21st century teaching. With the financial support of international funds and organizations, several projects were implemented aiming at knowledge transfer in teaching Science subjects and IT, also in using modern technologies in civic education, and digital competences for Civil Society Organizations.

Supporting Intel Teach © programs in Georgia become an important task for IEF since 2013. Several courses of Intel Teach and Intel Learn curricula were successfully translated, adopted and deployed. One of the face-to-face programs – Intel Teach Essentials became a regular nationwide program offered by Teachers Professional Development Center. Through these programs Georgian teachers develop meaningful educational projects and learn to efficiently use technology in their classrooms.

The adopted Intel Teach elements programs also include basics of programming – Learning Computer Science course targeting young learners.

IEF has translated and adapted Intel Elements online and blended courses in 1-1 learning, Blended Learning, Education Leadership, Inquire in the Science Classroom, etc.

Our regional representatives are experienced IT trainers that are actively engaged in major initiatives related to new digital skills and competencies development programs.

 As a leader of a consortium n 2018-2019 under the UN Women program Joint Action for Women’s Economic Empowerment IEF has organized Training and Internship sessions for more than 100 women in 11 locations of 5 regions of Western Georgia in Social Media Marketing and Web-Development. Successful 50 graduates undertook remote, face-to-face and blended internships in more than 30 companies and 10 of them got employment.